The rotating flasks burnout furnace is designed to:

  • remove model wax from the inside of plaster cylinders, made for the production of jewellery or costume jewellery by casting molten metal inside the cylinders;
  • annealing the plaster of the cylinders to remove all traces of moisture, preparing them to receive the molten metal at the time of casting.

The oven consists of a press-folded sheet metal frame with dimensions (LxWxH) 150cm X 140cm X 220cm and a weight of 1,300 kg

The front door of the stainless steel oven is internally insulated with compressed refractory ceramic fibre material (mat); it can be opened manually or with a pneumatic foot control, and is equipped with a safety lock with locking knobs and adjustable hinges for easy closing.
Inside, in the oven chamber, the heating elements inserted in refractory ceramic rods are arranged on the wall and in the centre we find two overlapping platforms with a diameter of 53 cm. Each grate is perforated in order to guarantee drainage for the melted wax.
The underlying collection tank, also made of steel, is removable and has two safety microswitches to check for the presence of water.
On the side, hanging, we find the electric control panel which, if desired, can also be fixed to the wall at a maximum distance of 1 m.

The oven, equipped with a special PLC programming unit, is able to control not only the cycle parameters (time-temperature) but also the position of the two turntables, all via a user-friendly digital display.
The two turntables are in fact divided into four hypothetical sectors, which can be viewed by pressing a button on the front of the kiln, and via the display, up to a maximum of 16 temperature steps can be programmed, to be used in a single cylinder firing process or in different processes.

It is also possible to store these programmes and make them automatic by type of melting, but also by weight (volume of the melting cylinders) or by temperature by setting both time and temperature.
The cylinders used can have a maximum size of D=100mm and h=40cm and can be arranged in the number of 20+20 per plane for a total of 40 cylinders. During firing, a drainage system conveys the melted wax into the collection tank previously filled with water, and thanks to the contact with the latter, the wax congeals immediately.

At the end of the wax drainage, the motorised air access valve closes automatically, while thanks to the manual valve located on the upper part of the furnace, the smoke exhaust can be opened, partialised and closed.


Technical characteristics

  • Power supply: 400V | 50Hz 3ph
  • Power: 20 kW
  • Size of each turntable: Ø53 cm
  • Number of cylinders on 2 plates: 40 cylinders of Ø100 mm and H 40 cm
  • Oven chamber access opening (WxH): 32cm x 110cm
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 130cm (+20cm for touchscreen) x 115cm (+25cm x Quadro) x 220cm
  • Overall dimensions Electric box only (LxWxH): 80cm x 60cm x 25cm
  • Weight: 1300kg
  • Production year: 2018
  • Original packaging
  • Good as new
  • Price: 20.000€


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