Balance xs105du

Worry-free Weighing.
Fast routine weighing with the best ergonomics. 41/120g capacity, 0.01/0.1mg readability, automatic adjustment, and a wide range of accessories for comfortable and safe operation

Accurate and Efficient Sample Handling

The unique SmartGrid weighing pan minimizes the effects of air turbulence in the weighing chamber giving quicker weighing results.

Easy Cleaning as Standard

The draft shield easily dismantles in seconds without need for tools. All parts are dishwasher-safe for fast and efficient cleaning.

Ergonomic Weighing

Rotating burnout furnace

The rotating flasks burnout furnace is designed to:

  • remove model wax from the inside of plaster cylinders, made for the production of jewellery or costume jewellery by casting molten metal inside the cylinders;
  • annealing the plaster of the cylinders to remove all traces of moisture, preparing them to receive the molten metal at the time of casting.