ITALIMPIANTI ORAFI S.P.A. Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020”
Project title: METALCHINA

The companies Italimpianti Orafi SpA, Tera Automation Srl and Violi Srl constituted a Temporary Grouping of Enterprises (in Italian: Raggruppamento Temporaneo di Imprese (RTI)) in order to carry out the project “Metalchina”, aiming to establish themselves in the Chinese market through a series of integrated actions, mainly focusing on the settling of a permanent commercial representation with the opening of an office in Hong Kong.

China is at present the first market for Italian manufacturers of goldsmith machinery, although the country became over the years the first world producer, too; to seize all opportunities offered by the Chinese market the above companies deemed it necessary to be present on-spot, not only to detect new trends and the peculiar requirements of Chinese demand, but also to shorten the distance between producers and consumers from a commercial and logistic point of view and to contact potential customers to promote their products.

All the a.m. companies took part to International Fairs of the field in the target country as well as in other countries. In fact, Fairs are considered a key factor to develop their brands and make them successful.

Finally, the internationalization plan involved some promotional actions by all partners, such as incoming events, promotional activities abroad and commercial communications in the web (it is to be noted that each partner developed its own communication strategy, choosing autonomously the most appropriate ones in its view).

“Metalchina” project proved to be extremely important for all 3 partners, giving them the opportunity to promote their product in the targeted country and to establish commercial contacts with (potential) new customers.