T-Barmaster Power Loop - The COMPACT solution for producing ingots with a flawless finish

T-Barmaster Power Loop - The COMPACT solution for producing ingots with a flawless finish

The compact “Power Loop” version of our ingot production tunnel furnaces for gold and silver is now available for those companies with particular space restrictions.

A tunnel furnace to achieve flawless surface quality ingots

The experience and reliability of Italimpianti Orafi Spa combined with the innovative technologies of Tera Automation has given life to a complete range of automated units for the production of precious metal ingots.

Among these, the best-selling T-Barmaster: a tunnel furnace that works by induction, has a controlled atmosphere and temperature profiles that can be selected at every step of the process in order to obtain ingots with an impeccable mirror finish!

Depending on the model, ingots from 1 ounce to over 1000 ounces can be produced - whether starting from grains or from precious metal crystals such as silver which are usually difficult to manage - ingots with an incomparable finish compared to those of a manual production system and difficult to obtain with any other available technology.

Production with the T-Barmaster furnace is divided into three phases: first, the metal undergoes melting and homogenization, then controlled solidification and finally cooling. The entire process takes place in a controlled atmosphere thanks to the introduction of inert gases and the use of the patented Pinch Valves ™ technology - pneumatic valves placed at the two ends of the tunnel that wrap around the ingot molds at the inlet and outlet and guarantee the absence of oxygen inside the tunnel.

The metal is melted inside special isostatic graphite ingot molds, specially designed to last over time and to respond to and meet the specific needs of each customer, often LBMA accredited.

All process parameters are controlled by the operator via a touchscreen control panel, easy and immediate to read and with maximum ergonomics. Every single ingot mold is tracked during its entire stay inside the furnace.

T-Barmaster can reach ever increasing levels of Automation, Industry 4.0 (investment costs at 12% through state incentives) and Safety by drawing on the wide range of options, such as:

  • a pyrometer for direct measurement of the temperature of the mold during melting and which can also control the power delivered by the converter;
  • O2 sensor that monitors the percentage of oxygen inside the melting chamber for better process control;
  • two infeed and/or outfeed ingot mold belts, which supply and remove them from inside the tunnel, for a simpler and more automatic management of the ingot molds;
  • a second feed belt which runs along the length of the furnace and has the purpose of returning the ingot molds as well as allowing the ingots to be unloaded and the subsequent grain / crystal loaded in dedicated stations;
  • kit and/or robot for feeding the automatic dosing unit;
  • weight zeroing device and/or Robot, useful for unloading ingots;
  • T-Router with or without the Jarvis management software, which allows access to Industry 4.0 contributions, offering complete interconnection with company management systems;
  • auxiliary cooling kit, capable of safely managing the process in the event of a power failure.

T-Barmaster Power Loop: better performance, reduced dimensions!

The new T-Barmaster Power Loop uses the same advanced technology as the T-Barmaster, improving it in the only aspect that limited it: its dimensions!

And it does so in an intelligent way, making the most of the available space: the classic T-Barmaster "folds" back on itself in this "Power Loop" version, maintaining the three sections of the production process and the controlled atmosphere that distinguish it.

All the advantages and options of the T-Barmaster furnace remain unchanged but with a significant reduction in overall dimensions.

The "Power Loop" version is available from today for all T-Barmaster models: for the One (for 1 ounce to 1 kilobar ingot formats), for the 400 (up to 400 ounces) and for the 1000 (up to at 1000 ounces).

Find out more on the website of our partner Tera Automation by clicking here.

Automation for the precious metals industry

Italimpianti Orafi and Tera Automation have developed a line of machines dedicated to the precious metals industry - which can be purchased both as stand-alone solutions or combined into modules - specific for each processing phase and with a degree of automation that can vary according to specific client requests.

The range includes: grain production; dryers; grain sorters; bucket elevators; dosing unit; tunnel furnaces; minting lines; numbering machines; logo printing and packaging machines.

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