New year, new web!

New year, new web!

Starting today, you can consult a new blog feature on our website that includes articles, videos and other interesting content giving you a peek into the reality of Italimpianti Orafi, access to our knowhow as well as advice and updates related to the precious metals industry. Here is a preview!

Difficult but not impossible

2020 was nothing short of different, difficult for everyone and painful for many.

Despite the circumstances, we held out, proved to have great resiliance and, thanks to the sharp rise in the precious metals market, posted excellent results, achieving record sales and turnover compared to previous years, completing numerous installations and managing to guarantee technical service the world over.

Clearly, the coronavirus pandemic did not make things easy: complications from the point of view of the supply chain, transport and customs but also from that of the availability of simple information have been many.

But our customers armed themselves with patience and understood the inevitable delays. They have shown us such trust that we feel obliged to thank them publicly.

Adaptation and innovation

Difficulty in meeting growing demands prompted us both to expand our sales team and to think of new solutions to better serve our customers in the immediate and near future.

One example would be the Remote Augmented Reality Assistance Service - a valuable tool that allows us to support a customer in the installation or maintenance of machinery without having to go on site; this has shortened distances despite the virus forcing us apart and allowed our teams to complete installations in distant countries, such as Uzbekistan or South Africa.

But it certainly wasn’t the only innovation! Research and development never stopped, leading to the development of new products and upgrade of others. Titanium refining plants were born, stronger and more durable than previous versions. We improved our induction melting technology, creating the FIM/RO line with a rotating crucible for a better homogenization of the alloys and for the treatment of precious ashes.

We also equipped our machinery with 4.0 technologies, making them increasingly interactive and capable of supporting customers in controlling processes and assisting in strategic choices from a data-driven business management perspective. Technologies that - it is important to remember - allow Italian companies to access substantial state subsidies such as tax credits to recover a high percentage of the overall investment.

A new image for Italimpianti

With a view to providing better services every day, we also decided to renew our digital image.

We created a new website, with a more modern and user-friendly interface. With a click you can access our products - divided into various categories -, our history, after-sales services and our contacts. We have added three new sections dedicated to our green vision, turnkey systems and automation.

Above all, though, we created our e-commerce portal, the Italimpianti Orafi Shop. Here you can quickly find your spare parts and consumables, divided by category and by machine, as well as many new products and very useful kits all at discounted prices.

To support you in browsing and purchasing on this platform, you will find a dedicated person always available during office hours, who you can also contact via chat at the bottom right.

In addition, as already mentioned in the first lines of this article, we wanted to get a little closer to you by creating the blog section, which will be filled with stimulating content every month.

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