Anti-covid 5% extra discount on all products in the Shop!

Anti-covid 5% extra discount on all products in the Shop!

Issues with sourcing spare parts and consumables due to COVID-deliveries? Take advantage of an extra 5% discount for the next 30 days on the Italimpianti Orafi Shop website.

Covid delivery woes

Our partners in the shipping business are issuing weekly warnings that the worldwide shipment landscape is becoming ever more complicated and that a paradigm shift is currently underway.

In order to cope with a succession of problems including crews blocked by Covid, vessels stationary in ports around the world, unbalanced traffic (very strong prevalence from East to West compared to the opposite), a shortage of empty containers in the West and so forth, shipping companies handling shipment on “by sea” basis have basically formed cartels and tripled, or in some cases quintupled, freight rates.

Transportation of goods from the East to Europe is practically at a stand still, unless at very high prices. As a result, demand for shipments from China by train has exploded but is clearly not able to make up for the “by sea” volumes lost.

Shipments on “by air” basis aren’t better off; with passenger flights practically reduced to zero thanks to Covid, cargo/freight flights are super-saturated and the tons of goods to be transported far exceed the capacity of the airlines. Some of these have decided to remove the seats from passenger planes and use the spaces for freight but since these bays not equipped for pallets, only light packages can be loaded.

In short, chaos reigns.

Unless the world vaccination programme brings about a dramatically positive turn-around (unfortunately said results are currently not expected), the coming months will be characterized by further significant hikes in the sea/air shipment costs - with a strong demand for transport back to pre-Covid levels but with the number of ships and airplanes not up to the demand.

In such a dangerous, unpredictable, unstable and complex framework, there are not many counter-measures that companies can adopt but there are clearly some obvious ones, such as keeping stock of spare parts/consumable parts high, planning production very meticulously and placing orders to suppliers as far in advance as possible.

In this sense, we are at your disposal with our commercial team and consultancy services to assist in planning ahead and organising your requirements for essential spare parts/consumables in order to avoid having unwanted and expensive production downtimes

Good news (and a "gift")!

But we want to do more! We want to give you a special additional 5% discount on all items in our Italimpianti Orafi online Shop!

Simply enter the code "EXTRA5" in the relative box in your shopping cart during check-out and you will receive the extra 5% reduction on consumables, spare parts, kits and packages, on top of the already discounted online prices (15% off).

Please note that this extra discount lasts only 30 days: don't miss this opportunity to stock up with the items you need!

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