Safety first - Part 1 - The Foundry

Safety first - Part 1 - The Foundry

Italimpianti Orafi Italimpianti Orafi has been synonymous with safety for the foundry industry for 50 years.

Melting in safety

Over the past 50 years, Italimpianti Orafi has improved and evolved its line of melting furnaces in efforts to make them easier to work with, more efficient and, above all, safer to use, above and beyond industry standards.

This approach has been applied to our entire range of induction and gas furnaces to process precious metals and ashes as well as E-Waste and I-Waste, either in open air and in a controlled atmosphere or under vacuum.

Together with input from our suppliers and feedback fron our clients, we have developed Personal Protective Equipment of the highest standard: equipment that can protect the operator during material loading, melting and handling of the finished product.

Companies operating in these countries need to be aware of the importance of protecting their operators and employees because the quality of the melts also depends on them.

The Italimpianti foundry PPE kit

Italimpianti Orafi has been offering personal protection equipment to its customers for years and many have chosen our PPE kits for close quarter operations in foundries.

The kit consists of a protective over-clothing and helmet. The clothing, which must comply with EN ISO 11612 standard, consists of an apron, gaiters and gloves made of special aluminised aramid fibre (Kevlar), a material which helps with heat dispersion thus protecting the operator from heat and direct contact with molten metal.

The helmet conforms to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and subsequent amendments and to the requirements of standard EN 397. It is made of heat-reflecting golden polyethylene and has a UV-IR resistant visor, holes for the insertion of ear muffs, a chin strap attachment and a size adjustment wheel and sweatband.

Mask goggles with 50mm diameter Xantos DIN 5.0 flip-up lenses, fabric elastic headband and four-valve indirect ventilation system allow for clear vision without damage to the eyes.

All the elements that make up the kit are made of light and robust materials, resistant to high temperatures and are not bulky thus facilitating the user in his operations which require freedom of movement.

What's more, they are quick and easy to put on: in less than a minute you will have full body protection.

The PPE kit, or the individual items that make it up, are available in our online shop with a 15% discount on the list price.

N.B.: This kit can also be used in assay/cupellation processes.

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