IAO/BR TITA – The evolution of precious metal refining

IAO/BR TITA – The evolution of precious metal refining

Extreme flexibility, reduced reaction times, long-lasting materials: discover the new two-in-one unit for refining, model IAO/BRTITA.

Inquartation and aqua regia in a single unit

Traditionally, precious metal alloys were refined via aqua regia in PPl or glassware units or in steel units if the inquartation method was required; each process had its own dedicated machine and construction material, specifically designed to withstand operating temperatures and acids found in a particular process.

These units were similar in design but substantially different in the way they were made and were the result of years of research and continuous improvements to the thousands of machines exported worldwide.

As of early 2021, the IAO/BR refining plants are one of Italimpianti Orafi’s best-selling systems; thanks to the inclined rotating tumbler technology, they guarantee a faster and more thorough dissolution of alloys and are considered a substantial improvement to the static systems that preceded them. But what if there is a need to use the inquartation and aqua regia methods in the same unit? What if there are space constraints or a limited budget to work around? Or what if you wanted to increase the lifespan of the unit thereby reducing depreciation costs?

Italimpianti Orafi today revolutionizes the industry once again with a package that allows both processes to be carried out in a single unit: IAO/BR TITA.

The advantages of the new titanium line

The unprecedented flexibility of this product lies in the type of material out of which the tumbler is made, namely titanium. It isn’t prone to thermal shocks, remains unscratched by the precious metal grains dissolved inside and has unmatched strength, features that make the unit extremely versatile and practically eternal.

Additional benefits include easier cleaning and maintenance operations compared to similar polypropylene or steel systems.

You may have also noticed the characteristic colour that distinguishes this line: red. Red is the colour of the special thermoplastic paint that coats the entire steel structure. This thick antiacid coating is designed to protect the unit from chemical corrosion. No other type of paint can offer such benefits.

Resistances can also be added to the system, able to quickly heat the temperature of the solution to 70-80 °C and thereby significantly speeding up alloy dissolution. With this simple accessory, IAO/BRTITA becomes even more efficient.

Ultimately, it is important to emphasize the most important advantage: both aqua regia and inquartation processes can be carried out in a single system with extremely reduced transition times from one to the other. It is the perfect solution for a limited budget and reduced available space.

A unit 100% “Made in Italimpianti Orafi” and an ad hoc spare part kit

Italimpianti Orafi cares about customer satisfaction with its primary goal to ensure the highest quality of products and efficiency of use over time.

To create this range of titanium products, an entire material processing department was setup within the company allowing the IAO/BRTITA systems to be manufactured on site: from design through bending, welding, assembly, painting and testing, everything happens under the supervision of our expert technicians.

The operational needs of the IAO/BRTITA unit emerged from their careful assessment and in-the-field experience. A spare part kit containing all necessary items for the correct operation of the system over time was also created to be part of the overall package. All the parts of the kit, individually or together, are available in our Italimpianti online Shop. Individual spare parts can be found HERE with an exclusive online 15 % discount with an additional price reduction for the kit!