FIM/RO – Complete homogenization

FIM/RO – Complete homogenization

FIM/RO is the new induction melting furnace with a rotating crucible, designed for melting metal alloys and processing scraps, with an unprecedented degree of homogenization.

What is FIM/RO

Patented, FIM/RO has the unique feature of a rotating crucible, a new and state-of-the-art design made in Italimpianti Orafi.

The rotation of the crucible is controlled by an electromechanical drive that varies speed and direction - simple technology but with a complex application, capable of providing substantial advantages.

The new FIM/RO induction melting furnace has applications in many processes of the precious metals industry:

  • treatment of ashes containing precious metals;
  • homogenization of alloys containing precious metals or special alloys containing elements that are difficult to mix;
  • melting of granular materials (silver crystals, gold or fine silver powder or grains, etc.);
  • treatment of copper sludge (non-ferrous metals) coming from the refining precious metal refining processes;
  • treatment of exhausted copper anodes containing precious metals;
  • treatment of electronic and electrical waste such as PCBs, batteries, etc;
  • treatment of waste resulting from galvanic processes;
  • melting of objects with plastic coating;
  • smelting of copper, copper alloys and other non-ferrous metals.

This machine is already available in various sizes from 60kg to 490kg Au 18kt, and on request up to 800kg per batch.

Watch the video of FIM/RO on the image here:

FIM-RO video on YouTube


Advantages of FIM/RO

First of all, the FIM/RO guarantees perfect homogenization of the alloys, thanks to the continuous movement and mixing of the metals inside the crucible, resulting from both the rotation of the crucible and the medium frequency induction.

The constant mechanical and induction mixing offer a simple and effective solution to the treatment of waste materials such as fluxes, crucibles and sweeps containing residues of precious metals and an efficient recovery of gold from ashes coming from refining or jewelry production processes, with losses of only 20-30 g/T.

The mechanical mixing and the increase in the contact surface between the material and the crucible drastically reduce the melting times allowing considerable energy savings. It's also possible to continuously load loose metal materials, such as crystals, powders and grains directly into the crucible, reducing time and increasing homogenization.

The continuous mixing of the materials in the crucible, and their increased exposure to air, also increases not only the evaporation/gasification rate of the volatile components, but also the rate of oxidation of the oxidizable components throughout the entire melting process.

Like all Italimpianti furnaces, the unit can be configured for the needs of the individual customer, drawing on the extensive list of accessories and optional items: from the toroidal fume suction hood, to the burner for protection of the melting and pouring operations.; direct melting temperature measurement by pyrometer; flux concentrator - exclusive to Italimpianti Orafi - which increases yield by 20/30 %; motorized melting box controlled by wire or radio control, also proportional; remote visualization, diagnostics, remote assistance, industry 4.0 ready; crucible kit.

Maximum efficiency with FLUXIT and our starter kit

Added to the crucible during the melting process, FLUXIT is a flux powder that allows to maximize the recovery of precious metals from ashes and powders both with induction and gas furnaces.

Its special formulation has been developed to ensure easier melting, even when dealing with composite materials such as WEEE.

FLUXIT20 - Flux powder for FIM/RO

For a correct and safe start-up of the machine, Italimpianti Orafi recommends its starter kit, containing all the necessary PPE, tools and materials.

You can find it on our Italimpianti Orafi online Shop next to the spare parts and consumables with a special discount of 15% from the list price.