Italimpianti Orafi has adopted an eco-friendlier corporate vision for years, promoting an environmentally sustainable industry and a circular economy.

Circular economy and zero impact recycling

Many years of experience have taught us how to make our machines more efficient and versatile by implementing the latest generation technologies and performing and durable materials. More efficiency means maintaining a consistent quality of the finished product while reducing consumptions and costs, abandoning more traditional, expensive and polluting systems.

In addition, our machines have a reduced environmental impact. Their emissions are fully within the limits set by the strictest regulations.

The plants for the treatment of wastewater and fumes make the refining or processing of precious metals non-hazardous and therefore environmentally sustainable.

E-waste recovery for a cleaner world

E-waste is Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) which still contains metal components that can be recovered, melted down and reused. Apart from being highly polluting for the environment, its processing involves considerable risks for human health.

For this reason, Italimpianti has developed innovative specialized technologies for the pyrometallurgical and chemical treatment of WEEE components and for the refining of precious metals and the extraction of rare earths they contain. This way new raw materials can be obtained, and waste materials can be disposed of separately.


A “Green chemistry” project for the recovery of Lithium


Italimpianti decided to invest also in innovative solutions for the treatment of lithium batteries - they can be found in cars, e-bikes, cell phones, electrical tools and in many other everyday objects -.


Lithium is a fundamental material in this type of devices and it is therefore an important element to bring forward the technological transformation. But the world reserves are limited and are running out. Hence it is clear how important it is to recover it from used batteries, together with other equally important materials (e.g. cobalt, manganese, nickel, copper, aluminium, non-aqueous solvents containing lithium salts).

Zero emission refining

The new EF-ZERO machine by Italimpianti has made gold refining a non-polluting process. EF-ZERO plants can refine any type of gold alloy with Regia Water without emitting acid fumes while recovering nitric acid.

But the advantages of refining gold with EF-ZERO do not end there:

  • Less consumption of chemicals;
  • Shortened reaction times;
  • Greater process efficiency: acceptable percentage of silver inside the alloy, up to 20%;
  • Less manpower required to control and operate the machinery.

In addition, you can choose to feed the plant with both grains and gold powder.


Wastewater and fume treatment


Italimpianti Orafi offers a wide range of towers for the neutralization of acid fumes produced by the partition hoods and for the suction of lead vapours produced by cupellation furnaces and high-efficiency sleeve filters to filter and separate medium, fine and impalpable powders.

In addition, we have designed systems for:

  • the filtration of neutralized solutions and the retention of copper and zinc oxides, etc.
  • for the treatment and recovery of water and sludges coming from the processing of precious metals of manufacturing industries;
  • for the treatment of solutions containing nitrates;
  • for the flocculation and sedimentation;
  • for the demineralization of water to be used to wash silver crystals coming from electrolytic refining and electrowinning.

Dismantling & revamping

From a circular economy point of view, Italimpianti also provides services of dismantling and revamping of machinery, i.e. overhauling and refurbishing of old plants supplied by us.

As a result nothing is lost and there is no waste. The machine, which has become obsolete, comes to new life in the hands of our experts. And the parts that are no longer usable are disposed of correctly by us through dedicated channels.

We follow our customers in updating the supplied machinery, replacing those that have become obsolete, and in expanding the plants or lines, wherever the need arises.




Transformation always starts from within! For this reason, our company has recently installed a photovoltaic system. The energy produced by solar panels placed on the roof of the building meets 100% of our electricity needs, making our company an eco-factory!

We also replaced the old asbestos roof with an aluminum and zinc fiber one. Now it is non-toxic, non-polluting and more efficient.


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