The demineralization process is needed in order eliminate water salinity. It is achieved by means of exchange resins, (“strong” Cationic and “strong” Anionic), which can be regenerated from hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide (4-8% HCl + 4-8% NaOH).
The resins are contained in 2 special cylinders with polyethylene inner shell.

The water is supplied by means of the pressure existing in the water network, alternatively the system can be equipped with an optional pump and storage and settling tanks.

The demineralisation capacity depends on the concentration of minerals in the starting water and on the presence of any other substances.

Each liter of resin has a nominal capacity to retain up to 25gr of CaCO3.

The system consists of:

  • Filtration group with 10 micron wire wound cartridge (or 80 micron washable net)
  • Filtration group bypass with ball valve
  • Pressure gauge at the inlet and outlet of the filter
  • Flow meter with pulse sensor
  • Nr. 2 Columns of composite material with polyethylene inner shell
  • Mixed bed resins
  • Digital conductivity meter with alarm LED


  • Filtration column with activated carbon
  • Automatic counter-current regeneration system of resins
  • Ball valves for sampling
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Storage tank
  • Sedimentation tank


The two columns containing the resins are used in series and to optimize the yield, it is possible to invert them when the conductivity of the water reaches the threshold of 20 μS/cm.  the second column, less saturated, becomes the first to meet the water flow, until the conductivity meter signals that the second column is also saturated. At this moment the resins must be regenerated by countercurrent flow of a solution of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide (4-8% HCl + 4-8% NaOH).


  • Compact design
  • Easy to use with visual aids
  • Facile trasportabilità in blocco
  • Easy bulk portability
  • Low running costs
  • Simple and complete maintenance
Production Capacity 500 l/h @2-3 bar 1000 l/h @2-3 bar
Resin Colomn No.2 x 33 l No.2 x 63 l
Resin Quantity 2 x 25 l 2 x 50 l
Total Resin Capacity 1250 g CaCO3 2500 g CaCO3
Water Initial conductivity < 2 μS/cm < 2 μS/cm
Water Conductivity with saturated resins 20 μS/cm 20 μS/cm
Power Supply 15 W - 230V 1F 50/60Hz 15 W - 230V 1F 50/60Hz
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 800 x 400 x 1800 mm 800 x 400 x 1800 mm


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