FRC/F is used for the continuous annealing and deoxidation of wires and stripes of different diameters and thickness.

It is available with two or four totally independent working lines (= two or four annealing chambers), thus allowing to treat simultaneously different products.

This unit is able to thermally treat both wires and strips

Each line has an unwinding and winding unit with tension control in order to avoid any stress on the wire or stripes to be annealed.
With the use of brushless motors and an optimized winding process, this unit can be considered state-of-the-art of thermal treatment process.

The control and setting of all parameters (temperature, annealing speed, spooling tension, etc.) is made by a PLC with color touchscreen, through which the operator can also program the automatic switching on and off of the furnace and see the alarms.

The deoxidizing treatment is guaranteed by the saturation of the chamber with is a gas mixture consisting of 75% H2 and 25% N2 which can be obtained either from an ammonia cracker or from separate gas tanks. The furnaces can be supplied with ammonia cracker or with hydrogen and nitrogen gas mixer (optional).


Technical data
Heating chamber length 1700 mm 1700 mm
Working Tracks Two Four
Max speed 60 – 80 m/min 60 – 80 m/min
Muffle in refractory steel in refractory steel
Max. Temperature 950°C 950°C
Power 20kW 40kW
Power Supply 400 V 50-60 Hz Three-phase 400 V 50-60 Hz Three-phase
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 5706 x 960 x 1995 mm 6213 x 850 x 2347 mm
Weight (approx.) 1675 Kg 2385 Kg
Upon customer request we can supply also the ammonia cracker





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