Ammonia cracker type dnh3

The ammonia cracker is used for the production of a mixture of 75 % hydrogen and 25 % nitrogen. It is equipped with a stainless steel heat exchanger which let the ammonia to be preheated before it come in to contact with the catalyst as well as cooling the mixture. The latter is used in furnaces for thermal deoxidation treatments.

Belt furnaces type fn

  These furnaces are particularly suited for: Chain welding; Metal finding welding; Sheet and tube welding; Enamelling. Models FN70/A-A1, FN100/A-A1, FN140/A-B have two heating zones. The electrical resistances are made of wire capable of resisting temperatures beyond 1200°C. The muffle is built in refractory steel. The patented steel

Continuous wire and stripes annealing furnace - type frc/f

FRC/F is used for the continuous annealing and deoxidation of wires and stripes of different diameters and thickness.

It is available with two or four totally independent working lines (= two or four annealing chambers), thus allowing to treat simultaneously different products.

This unit is able to thermally treat both wires and strips

Deoxidation furnaces - type fd

    FD furnaces are used to prevent surface oxidation on items during annealing operations and to deoxidise finished products. They ensure uniform thermal treatments. Thanks to the use of a protective gas, the items come out deoxidised and bright. A stainless steel water tank for rapid cooling operations is also included; by means of a manuall