Silver Nitrate Salt Production process is carried out by the following steps:

A) Silver Dissolution by Nitric Acid
B) Nitrate solution Filtration
C) Concentration of the silver nitrate solution
D) Crystallization of the solution
E) Drying of the Salt

By using this method you can get a final purity of Silver Nitrate Salt higher than 99.9%
Impurities which have not been precipitated during the dissolution cycle: 0.01% max


The "Tumbler " is equipped with a Pyrex glass condenser with cool water circulation that allows a good acids recovery step and a proper fume neutralization.

This unit is also provided with a process control system which allows to work with the plant also in the night time, without any workers’ supervision.

Technical Specifications:

• Power supply: 13 KVA


The transfer of the silver nitrate solution, from the tumbler to the concentrator, is done by means of a filtering unit which allows, at the same time, the undissolved particles filtration process.

The above filtering system is fitted with a special pump used also for the acid solutions treatment at high temperatures.

Technical Specifications:
• Max. Pressure: 7 bar
• Max. Temperature: 65 °C


The next step is the concentration of silver nitrate solution in a specific plant heated by steam.

This system is equipped with a condenser for the recovery of the "condensate".

Technical Specifications:

• Steam Pressure: min. 2 bar


Silver Nitrate Crystallization step takes place inside a special insulated and cooled plant which is provided with a hydraulic tilting system, in order to collect properly the final silver crystals salt.


The acid fumes neutralization process is done through an high efficiency fume scrubbing unit totally made of stainless steel which allows also the recovery of the diluted nitric acid.

The scrubber can be supplied with conductivity-meter placed in the washing solution tank.

The above instrument can also handle the HNO3 discharge cycle and make a check of the concentration value of the washing solution.

Technical Specifications:

• Flow rate:650 m³ / h
• Overall Dimensions: 1000x900x3500

The above system can be customized upon customer’s request, the photos are just examples of the different applications.
Based on the needs of the customer is possible to create customized systems, with suitable characteristics for the process requirements.


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