These units are ideal for producing high-quality precious and non-precious metal alloys, including Master Alloys free of precious metals; the latter are often used to produced alloys containing a variable percentage of precious metals (White gold, Yellow Gold, Red Good, Palladium alloys etc.)

The use of an inert gas environment to avoid oxidation is especially important in the production of Master Alloys.

The unit is provided with the following parts:

  • Medium Frequency Converter
  • Melting and alloys homogenizing Furnace
  • Grain Producing Tank


Technical specifications of the plant:

  • Possibility to create an over-pressure in the upper chamber in order to clean the internal die
  • Water cooling by heat exchanger in order to maintain the water temperature constant from the first to the last cycle
  • Melting, pouring, grain tank loading and discharge operations are controlled by a PLC unit with a touch-screen panel, able to memorise various melting programmes according to the type of alloy to be molten
  • The converter is provided with a centrifugal pump placed inside the converter’s frame to be used for the recycling of the cooling water. The above pump is equipped with a pressure switch, thermals, fuses and a timer for the automatic stop. You need only a demineralised water storage tank or a water chiller.
  • Monitoring on the display of the various process parameters (frequency and absorbed power).
  • Computerised alarm diagnostics for 12 alarms which the worker must take note of for the system to work properly. By simply pressing a button, instructions and advice appear on the display.
  • Closed ring power regulation which allows the system to absorb the set power regardless of the quantity and type of metal to melt.
  • The internal environment of the converter is conditioned by an air-water exchanger.



Power supply Three-phase Three-phase Three-phase Three-phase
Absorbed Power 7 kW 10 kW 20 kW 48 kW
Crucible Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite
Capacity 3 kg Au
1.6 kg Ag
1 kg Non-Precious
9 kg Au
4.9 kg Ag
4 kg Non-Precious
20 kg Au
10 kg Ag
8 kg Non-Precious
145 kg Au
80 kg Ag
60 kg Non-Precious





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