Precious Metals Grain Production

The best plants for the metallic grain production, all the equipment useful for the precious alloys grain production

Automated pm grains production system - t-grains

T-Grains creates the ideal conditions for the production of huge quantities of prime-quality gold and silver grains with a low content of oxygen.


These units are used to rinse and dry chains, metal findings, silver slime and/or silver crystals and are built out of polished stainless steel with a statically and dynamically balanced extractable basket.

Grain production systems with a protective atmosphere

These units are ideal for producing high-quality precious and non-precious metal alloys, including Master Alloys free of precious metals; the latter are often used to produced alloys containing a variable percentage of precious metals (White gold, Yellow Gold, Red Good, Palladium alloys etc.)

The use of an inert gas environment to avoid oxidation is especially important in the production of Master Alloys.

The unit is provided with the following parts:

  • Medium Frequency Converter
  • Melting and alloys homogenizing Furnace
  • Grain Producing Tank

Grain production tanks - rpg

The container is used both for the production:
• Fine gold and silver spherical grains
• Gold and silver spherical grains
• Grains with high surface area for refining purposes

Pm grains production system - fim/rpg

FIM/RPG is ideal for producing precious and non precious metal alloy grains.

It consists of:

  • Medium frequency converter;
  • Melting furnace with hydraulic or mechanical tilting;
  • Graining tank;
  • Frame with service stairs and walkway;
  • Tracks for the movement of the grain tank;