Ingot production systems - fim/ling

The units are used to produce 1-2 Kg and 12.5 kg Au ingots, in manual mode as well as a “full automatic” mode including robotic weighing and crucible loading systems, crucible unloading systems etc .

All ITALIMPIANTI ORAFI induction melting furnaces are fitted with static frequency converters. A high efficiency of the electrical output that drastically reduces electricity consumption while maintaining the production rate thanks to frequency conversion system we have used.

The modular construction of the electric circuit board greatly simplifies maintenance operations and guarantees high reliability even in the most demanding working conditions.

The highest technical standards used to design the inductors along with the modular construction and the use of only high quality materials guarantee maximum production even in the worst conditions.

Tunnel furnace for gold and silver bars production - t-barmaster

T-Barmaster™ is an induction tunnel furnace which, although it involves a very advanced technology, is flexible and easy to use. Available in different models, each Tera Automation T-Barmaster™ is designed, managed and assembled within our company.