Gas Melting Furnace for Precious Metals

Electrical and gas furnace for gold and silver melting complete with cast iron ladles - Italimpianti Orafi

Fine cast iron conical flask

The liquid metal containing precious metal drops on the bottom of the Cast iron ladle thus allowing the recovery of the conical ingots by tilting the flask itself.
The conical shape is required to facilitate the extraction of the metallic "conical ingots" from the bottom.

Static gas oven type fgr (gold, silver, alloys, ashes)

These furnaces are used to melt metals as well as precious ashes and come equipped with spoutless crucibles able to melt from 6 to 75 kg of ashes/fondants or from 19 to 250 kg of alloys depending on the model

Tbrf - top blown rotary furnace

The TBRF is a pyro-metallurgical furnace which has many applications.