Our continuous casting furnaces are designed to produce a wide range of semi-finished products of the highest quality (tube, plate and wire).

The furnaces are provided with a powerful and efficient induction power generator to allow a fast melting and a perfect mixing of the alloy, which guarantees its homogeneity.

After the melting, the metal passes into the die, where a special cooling system guarantees the perfect homogeneity of the cooling temperature on the whole surface of the profile.

In order to reduce the oxidation, a continuous inert gas injection creates an oxygen-free chamber from the crucible until the drawing unit.

In addition, a direct water cooling by sprinkles on the profile coming out of the die guarantees a perfect deoxidation, an extra cooling and an annealing treatment, which is very useful for alloys with high content of copper (as red gold) or for silver.

The temperature of the crucible ad of the die is constantly monitored by two thermocouples in order to guarantee the best grain structure of the profile and to avoid metal leakage.


Our frequency conversion system allows to reach an elevated electrical yield, and consequently reduce the consumption of electrical energy, while maintaining constant the production.

The modular construction of the electrical circuit simplifies the maintenance procedures and guarantees a high level of reliability, even under the most difficult operating conditions.


Crucible and Die

Made of high-quality isostatic graphite, the die is manufactured to produce the profile needed for your production: wire, plate or tube of the desired dimensions. The furnace can be equipped to produce also special shapes.


Secondary cooling system

Made of graphite positioned below the die. This guarantee a perfect homogeneous cooling and helps prevent oxidation. The second cooling is necessary in case of use of alloy with high content of copper.


Direct water cooling by sprinkles.

The direct water on the profile guarantees an extra cooling and, at the same time, a deoxidizing treatment.

Moreover, the profile will be annealed, making it easier to be worked in the next production steps (rolling mill, etc.).

The water is recovered by a draining system.


Pulling roller

The powerful driving unit drives the profile following the programming that adjusts the speed, the pull length, the drawing length, etc.


Inert gas injectors

The inert gas injection both on the top of the crucible and on the end of the die creates an oxygen-free chamber, preventing the oxidation of the metal.

The absence of oxygen is important to guarantee a longer life of the graphite crucible and die, thus reducing the running costs.


Thermocouple for the temperature control of crucible and of the die

The crucible thermocouple acts directly upon the converter, thermo-regulating the temperature to keep it at the level selected by the operator, while the die thermocouple modifies the flow rate of the cooling water in order to guarantee the correct solidification of the metal.


Touch-screen control

To set all parameters (power, temperature, etc), to save the working recipes and to see the alarms and the operations advised to solve the problem.



  • High efficiency due to medium frequency induction converter.
  • Self-diagnostics with failure messages.
  • System to prevent oxidation of the metal.
  • Fast melting of the metal with perfect homogeneity, thanks to the convective currents that are generated inside the crucible.
  • No metal loss.
  • High malleability of the profile for an easy working without annealing
  • Quick interchangeability of the crucible and die.
  • Safety protection for containing accidental leaks.


Useful capacity
of the Au/Ag crucible
Kg 4 Au 750
Kg 2.1 Ag 925
Kg 9 Au 750
Kg 5 Ag 925
Crucible 1
Kg 20 Au 750
Kg 13 Ag 925
Crucible 2
Kg 36 Au 750
Kg 20 Ag 925
Max plate
50x5 mm 60x7 mm 100x15 mm
Tube dimensions From Ø10 to Ø28 mm From Ø10 to Ø35 mm From Ø14 to Ø40 mm
Wires dimensions 1-2 wires
from Ø5 to Ø12 mm
1-2 wires
from Ø5 to Ø12 mm
1-2-3-4-5-6 wires
from Ø6 to Ø15 mm
Absorbed power 8 KVA 12 KVA 25 KVA
Power supply Three-phase :
50 / 60 Hz
Three-phase :
50 / 60 Hz
Three-phase :
50 / 60 Hz
Overall Dimensions 800x980x1610 mm 800x980x1610 mm 1000x1300x2100 mm
Weight 380 kg 400 kg 890 kg



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