Bar production conveyor - t-conveyor cast

T-Conveyor Cast is a conveyor to cast anodes and bars of precious and non-precious metal. It can be combined to tilting melting furnaces with both vertical and horizontal casting.

Casting table tav/l

This unit allows the casting and solidification of ingots from 1 to 5 Kg and is composed of three units:

Ingot trolley cpl

The trolleys ingot molds can be constructed with different materials, by means of welded profiles, and mounted on four or six wheels that run on rails.
The tightening of the ingot can be either mechanical or hydraulic. In the first case the molds are clamped by means of mechanical locking screw, in the second case the hydraulic system inclu

Lifting trolley for ingot solidification

Lifting trolley with support plane made by steel or cast iron, used for ingots casting and solidification. The lifting mechanism can be both automatic and manual.