Casting table tav/l

This unit allows the casting and solidification of ingots from 1 to 5 Kg and is composed of three units:


These units are used to rinse and dry chains, metal findings, silver slime and/or silver crystals and are built out of polished stainless steel with a statically and dynamically balanced extractable basket.

Continuous casting furnaces - fim/cc

Our continuous casting furnaces are designed to produce a wide range of semi-finished products of the highest quality (tube, plate and wire).

The furnaces are provided with a powerful and efficient induction power generator to allow a fast melting and a perfect mixing of the alloy, which guarantees its homogeneity.

After the melting, the metal passes into the die, where a special cooling system guarantees the perfect homogeneity of the cooling temperature on the whole surface of the profile.

In order to reduce the oxidation, a continuous inert gas injection creates an oxygen-free chamber from the crucible until the drawing unit.

In addition, a direct water cooling by sprinkles on the profile coming out of the die guarantees a perfect deoxidation, an extra cooling and an annealing treatment, which is very useful for alloys with high content of copper (as red gold) or for silver.

The temperature of the crucible ad of the die is constantly monitored by two thermocouples in order to guarantee the best grain structure of the profile and to avoid metal leakage.

Fine cast iron conical flask

The liquid metal containing precious metal drops on the bottom of the Cast iron ladle thus allowing the recovery of the conical ingots by tilting the flask itself.
The conical shape is required to facilitate the extraction of the metallic "conical ingots" from the bottom.

Gas atomizers for metal powder production - atom

Italimpianti produces a wide range of gas atomizers specifically designed for manufacturing inert and reactive metal powders from laboratory/R&D scale to massive industrial production.

Grain production systems with a protective atmosphere

These units are ideal for producing high-quality precious and non-precious metal alloys, including Master Alloys free of precious metals; the latter are often used to produced alloys containing a variable percentage of precious metals (White gold, Yellow Gold, Red Good, Palladium alloys etc.)

The use of an inert gas environment to avoid oxidation is especially important in the production of Master Alloys.

The unit is provided with the following parts:

  • Medium Frequency Converter
  • Melting and alloys homogenizing Furnace
  • Grain Producing Tank

Grain production tanks - rpg

The container is used both for the production:
• Fine gold and silver spherical grains
• Gold and silver spherical grains
• Grains with high surface area for refining purposes

Hydraulic tilting melting furnace - fim/cpu

FIM/CPU is the range of high capacity furnaces with hydraulic tilting mechanism ranging from 45 to 500 kW.

Ingot molds and equipment for numbering

• Numbering with mold and Manual marking press
• Different models of marking press
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Ingot production systems - fim/ling

FIM/LING is a semi-automatic furnace used for the production of 1 kg and 500 g bars.

Ingot trolley cpl

The trolleys ingot molds can be constructed with different materials, by means of welded profiles, and mounted on four or six wheels that run on rails.
The tightening of the ingot can be either mechanical or hydraulic. In the first case the molds are clamped by means of mechanical locking screw, in the second case the hydraulic system inclu

Lifting trolley for ingot solidification

Lifting trolley with support plane made by steel or cast iron, used for ingots casting and solidification. The lifting mechanism can be both automatic and manual.

Magnetic flux concentrator

In order to reduce the effect of exposure to the electromagnetic fields a new legislation was finally introduced in Europe : the European directive 2004/40/CE, then modified by directive 2008/46/CE, was introduced in 2013. These regulations fix the limit values of electromagnetic fields generated by industrial machines as the induction melting pla

Manual melting furnaces - fim/nt

FIM/NT is the base model of Italimpianti Orafi furnaces, with manual extraction of the crucible, designed to be simple, compact and usable in any environment, with powers ranging from 5 to 12 kW.

Mechanical tilting melting furnaces - fim/tpu

FIM/TPU is the entry level for mechanical tilting furnaces with mechanical reducers to limit the effort on the part of the operator.

Melting furnaces for platinum and palladium - fim/pt

FIM/Pt is a manual furnace with a very high energy density designed to melt Platinum and Palladium with the use of special crucibles.

Molds for ingot hallmarking

Molds for marking of bullion.
Customizable with:
• Company Name
• Company logo
• Ingot fineness
• Ingot weight
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Pm grains production system - fim/rpg

FIM/RPG is ideal for producing precious and non precious metal alloy grains.

It consists of:

  • Medium frequency converter;
  • Melting furnace with hydraulic or mechanical tilting;
  • Graining tank;
  • Frame with service stairs and walkway;
  • Tracks for the movement of the grain tank;

Rotary induction melting furnace - fim/ro

New induction furnace with rotating crucible, designed to melt metal alloys and production scraps.

Static gas oven type fgr (gold, silver, alloys, ashes)

These furnaces are used to melt metals as well as precious ashes and come equipped with spoutless crucibles able to melt from 6 to 75 kg of ashes/fondants or from 19 to 250 kg of alloys depending on the model

Tbrf - top blown rotary furnace

The TBRF is a pyro-metallurgical furnace which has many applications.