The plant is built entirely in self-extinguishing polypropilene sheets. It can hollow out 30 Kg of articles simultaneously, reducing hollowing time by 50% compared to static methods.
The plant has a capacity from about 100 to 140 Lts of acid solution.

The plant is used for the dissolving of iron cores in hollow gold articles with HCl solution.

The solution is heated by steam produced in a separate machine

It is provided with:
• tank containing three removable rotating baskets
• hollowing control tank – heated by a quartz resistance
• tank for rinsing with water
• suction hood that can be connected to the fumes scrubber
• condensing device for acid vapours and for reducing acid consumption.

The plant comes with level control for the emptying tank, which either stops water flowing into the condenser if tank level exceeds maximum allowed
The plant is fitted with an instrument to thermoregulate the hydrochloric acid solution and regulate the quantità of steam to maintain the temperature

The plant i salso fitted with a diaphragm pump to load and discharge the acid solution
Power Supply Three-Phase
Power 1.5 kW
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1500x800x1500
Weight 200 kg


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