Brush polisher and safety filter ps2/b

  • Near complete powder recovery thanks to the notable surface area of the high-efficiency electrostatic filters (7 m2 every two places);

  • 1.5 kW motor 2800 r.p.m. Shaft prearranged for three brushes, one of which is horsehair while the remaining two have a diameter of 180 mm and are for roughing and polishing pastes;

  • Emergency stop device for the motor activated by a pedal control;

  • 2.2 kW centrifugal suction fan;

Carousel hollowing and refining plant type dgnh

The plant is entirely built in stainless steel AISI 316. It can reducing the usual time of about 50% compared to static methods. The solution is electrically heated by means of three monotube resistors, with power supply of 1500 watt each, and controlled by a temperature regulator.

Carousel hollowing plant type dghcl

The plant is built entirely in self-extinguishing polypropilene sheets. It can hollow out 30 Kg of articles simultaneously, reducing hollowing time by 50% compared to static methods.
The plant has a capacity from about 100 to 140 Lts of acid solution.

Degreasing unit model sad

The machine is built out of stainless steel and is fitted with a condenser coil for fumes produced by the solvents..

The tanks are heated by electrical resistances regulated by thermostats, fitted externally at the bottom of the tank, and insulated by internal panelling.

Electrolytic cleaning plants igp/b

The degreasing, neutralising and recovery tanks are equipped with discharge valves, the rinsing tank is equipped with a spill overflow. A 250 A/20V rectifier with current limit for the degreasing and cleaning tanks is included. All required control instruments such as amperometers, voltmeters and temperature regulators are also included. The plant is also equipped with a polypropylene suction fan and intake manifold for the heated tanks.
The electrolytic cleaning solutions can be with or without cyanide.

Gold, rhodium, silver and nickel plating galvanic plants

The plating plants are made out of self-extinguishing polypropylene. The temperature of the solutions is adjustable by thermometers with glass protected bulbs. An electronic rectifier ensures a perfect voltage stabilisation even in presence of current or load peaks.

Hollowing static plant type ivc

The solution is electrically heated and controlled by a temperature regulator. The plant is composed of a polypropylene hood,with relative suction fan, containing one electric heater, one reactor with relative condenser in pyrex glass.

Oiling machine type sm/a

This machine is used to apply castor oil and trichloroethylene mixture to the chains. It ensure a uniform distribution of castor oil on the chain and consequently a uniform application of soldering powder. The trichloroethylene vapours are trapped by means of a suction fan.

Pickling equipment type idf

The equipment pickles and removes investment from the surface of casted pieces.

Soldering powder application system type br/bt

The internal spool of the octagonal barrel, being hexagonal in shape, can hold up to 2 skeins , also allowing the chains to stay looser than if it was round. This means that removal of excess powder is easier.
Two barrels contain soldering powder whereas the third contains talc. The rotating and revolving movement of the spools starts slowly, reaches maximum speed and then slowly stops.
The automatic inversion of the direction of rotation can be carried out every 2,3,4 and up to 14 turns.

Talc hood type ct/a

The hood is used to manually apply the soldering powder to the chains and to remove from them, by means of talcum powder, the excess of soldering powder.