Burn-out furnaces with rotating plate (for flask baking in the casting process)

Furnaces with rotating plates for the drying of plaster cylinders and the draining of wax, used in the melting process of lost wax objects.


These units are used to rinse and dry chains, metal findings, silver slime and/or silver crystals and are built out of polished stainless steel with a statically and dynamically balanced extractable basket.

Gold, rhodium, silver and nickel plating galvanic plants

The plating plants are made out of self-extinguishing polypropylene. The temperature of the solutions is adjustable by thermometers with glass protected bulbs. An electronic rectifier ensures a perfect voltage stabilisation even in presence of current or load peaks.

Investment disintegrator type dsg/a

The investment breakers are used to remove the refractory investment from the objects obtained by vacuum casting and recover particles of precious metal.

Investment mixing machine type mrc

The vacuum mixing and pouring cycles have very short cycle times. Thanks to this, the compaction of the investment gives roughness free surface finish and reduces pre-finishing times as well as eventual loss of precious metals.

Pickling equipment type idf

The equipment pickles and removes investment from the surface of casted pieces.

Vacuum/pressure casting furnaces - fim/mce

FIM/MCE is a casting machine to produce casted items with the lost wax technique and vertical ingots for the creation of plates and wires.

Vulcanising press pvg/a

The vulcaniser is used to prepare rubber moulds for vacuum casting. A painted steel frame supports a 4 column hydraulic press with 250x250 mm cast iron heated plates. The main advantage offered by this press is the automatization of the working cycle, leaving workers free to carry out other jobs.