The X-ray fluorescence spectrometer has developed into an all-round talent for the fast, non-destructive analysis of small spots and the rapid mapping of large surfaces.

SPECTROSCOUT provides precision and accuracy at a wide range of concentration levels, typically present in precious metals alloys. It also offers rapid (30-300 second) readout. Its performance makes SPECTROSCOUT a superb choice for small shops or portable use, or an ideal backup system for larger operations.

Belonging to portable precious metals analysis, SPECTROSCOUT brings lab-class advantages such as TQ screening methods and optional customer-specific calibrations.
Perhaps most importantly, it carries the acknowledged validity of science itself. For example, the instrument’s reliably accurate readouts can boost confidence for less expert users - and reassure customers who might be uneasy with valuations based on traditionally subjective touchstone assays. First results are displayed after a few seconds. In many cases these give already sufficient accurate information about the sample. For an even more precise analysis the measurement is continued until the pre-set time is elapsed. To achieve a high degree of safety each sample is tested for 21 elements simultaneously.

Configured to carry, the unit fits myriad features into one small space: large sample compartment, high-power X-ray tube, and onboard processor, plus high-yield battery pack. Its footprint is ideal for crowded counters, benchtops, and other areas where space is tight.

The software, supported by a touchscreen interface, is simple and intuitive. Predefined application packages are developed and adapted for every need. ICAL calibration takes only 1 sample and only 5 minutes for standardization. Lightweight and small in size, it can be transported easily.

And an optional integrated video system allows for precise chemical assay, as well as image storage.


• Detector: Si-PIN
• Excitation: X-ray tube, rhodium (Rh) anode, 50 kV max.
• Dimensions:
- Height Transport position: 270 mm (10.7 in)
- Operation position: 350 mm (13.8 in)
- Width 306 mm (12.1 in)
- Depth 306 mm (12.1 in)
- Weight 11 kg (24.251 lb) excluding battery pack
- 11.75 kg (25.904 lb) including battery pack

• Power Supply: Operating voltage 10-30 V DC, Integrated 4+ hours Li- ion battery pack, Power Adapter 90-264 V AC / 50-60 Hz
• Hardware: Integrated PC with touchscreen, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, USB interfaces, LAN, Video camera
• Software: iCAL (Intelligent Calibration Logic)
• Accessories (included): Charger, AC adapter (battery included in the instrument), Consumables
• Options: Printer, Notebook, Windows 7, 12 V DC car charging cable

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