Gold and Silver Cupellation

Italimpianti Orafi offers different type of equipment required to carry out the cupellation process and to separate precious metals like gold and silver from less noble ones.

One of the most important precious metal assay processes is the cupellation of gold and silver; this process has to be carried out with precision, accuracy and high quality equipment.

Here you can find the precision balance, ideal to weigh metal tests with extreme precision.

The precious metal sampling process can be done with a bench drill, perfect for removing small samples by drilling at low-speed.

The cupellation furnace is essential to the gold and silver assay process and takes the sample to the necessary temperature to easily separate non-precious metals.

Once the precious metal sample has been obtained from the intial alloy, it can to be subjected to other analytical procedures, using specific units for X-ray metal analysis and/or potentiometric titration, useful to evaluate the actual concentration of precious metals.

At Italimpianti Orafi you will find everything needed to carry out the cupellation process, from the precision laboratory scale to the cupellation furnace. Our qualified and professional technicians monitor and control all the phases of the productive cycle, from design to production, test runs and after-sales assistance.

Anti-vibrating table type tav/a

This wooden table is covered with “Formica” and has a anti-vibrating marble surface which supports the analytic scale.

Bench drill type trb/a

The bench drill is used to take samples of precious metals to be assayed. It is a high precision bench drill mounted on oversized ball bearings. The pulley bush and the drill chuck spindle are made out of rectified iron - characteristics ensure a long life.

Cupel sample treatment unit type mslr/b

Used for crushing, rolling and annealing samples of metals during the assay process.

Cupellation furnace type fcopp

The cupellation furnace removes all non-precious metals from samples of precious alloys.

Electronic analytic scale

This high quality precision scale is used to weigh metal samples in the assay process.