Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment PlantWater coming from the refining process can be treated with this plant which consists of :

  • n°1 tank complete with agitator to stir the solution to be neutralised
  • n.1 Filter press

The filter press is used to filter the neutralised solutions and retain the copper, zinc etc hydroxides.

The press is fitted with a 700 lt pneumatic pump. The components of the filter press, from the smallest to the largest, are single-block structures that are electrically welded, machined and carefully inspected; the design has allowed very low stress levels, even under maximum operating pressure.
The heads and longitudinal bars are plated with stainless steel or other metals depending on the chemical properties of the solutions to be filtered.

The cloths, the shape and the dimensions of the plates, as well as the materials used inside the filter elements, constitute the most important part of a filter press. The choice of these elements is the result of years of experience on the part of those who are familiar with these problems.

The pump is provided with an electronic level control probe for the automatic starting and stopping of the plant.

Power Supply Three-phase Three-phase
Power 0.2 kW 0.6 kW
Plate Dimensions 500×500 mm 440×440 mm / 500×500 mm
Number of Plates 20 20 / 50
Useful capacity Tank 500 l 1000 l