Vacuum Melting Furnace Type FIM/FPt (Platinum, Palladium and Alloys)

Vacuum Melting Furnace FIM FPt

The furnace is used to melt platinum, palladium, dental alloys and stain-less steel. All Italimpianti Orafi induction melting furnaces are fitted with static medium frequency converters (from 4 to 15 Khz). The modular construction of the electric circuit board greatly simplifies maintenance operations and guarantees high reliabilily even in the most demanding working conditions. The highest technical standards used to design the inductors along with the modular construction and the use of only high quality materials guarantee maximum production even in the worsl conditions. The furnace consists of a waler-cooled stainless steel chamber inside which the crucible and ingot mould/refractory flask tilt for the pouring process. A gear motor with inverter and joystick controls the tilting mechanism. A 65 m3/h vacuum pump for high vacuum levels is also fitted on the unit along with an optical pyrometer to read the temperature.

  • display monitoring of the working parameters of converter as tension and absorbed power;
  • computerised alarm diagnostics for the alarms or warnings which the worker must take note of for the system to work properly. lnstructions and advice are shown on the display: ;
  • closed ring power regulation that allows the system to absorb the set power regardless of the quantity and type of metal to melt;
  • the internal environment of the converter is conditioned by an air-water exchanger.
Power Output 20 kW
Working Frequency 15 kHz
Crucible Capacity 8 kg Pt
3 kg Aisi
Minimum water cooling capacity 23 l/min
Furnace Dimensions (mm) 780x900x1650
Converter Dimensions(mm) 650x670x1370
Weight 300 kg