Used / 2nd Hand – Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant AFF/50CU

This plant is made up of the following units:
(A) Copper Electrolytic Refining Cells

The copper electrolytic refining unit consists of:
• No. 4 polypropylene tanks
• No. 1 Head Cell with recirculation pump

(B) No.1 Rectifier 2000A 5V

(C) No.1 Heating system of the electrolyte solution.

Power Supply: 11,5 kW – 400V 3Ph 50Hz
Current Rectifier Power Supply: 14 KVA – 400V 3Ph 50Hz

It can have a maximum daily output production of pure refined copper of 80 kilos.

The plant is in excellent condition

AFF-50 CU - (01)AFF-50 CU - (02)
AFF-50 CU - (03)AFF-50 CU - (04)
AFF-50 CU - (05)AFF-50 CU - (06)
AFF-50 CU - (07)AFF-50 CU - Layout