Tunnel Furnace for Gold and Silver Bars Production

Tunnel Furnace T-SmartTunnel Furnace T-Smart - 2
Gold KilobarSilver Kilobar

Tunnel induction melting furnaces for continuous production of gold/silver ingots in controlled atmosphere. Melting occurs in isostatic graphite ingot molds by electromagnetic induction.

• Power range : from 15 kW to 200 kW
• Production : from 5 to 130 pieces per hour
These units consists of the following parts:
1. Loading area
2. Melting area
3. Solidification area
4. Cooling area
5. Unloading area
6. Power supply converter
Loading area
– Sliding plane in tapes for the automatic loading of the mold into the ramp thrust.
– Motorized pusher assembly for the exact positioning of ingot molds.
Melting area
– Melting chamber with different regulations of operating temperature: ~1200°C.
– Induction heating system.
– Melting area enclosed by panels made of insulating material with protective gas inlet on ingot mold entry.
– Advance of ingot molds via cooled tubular guides made of AISI310 steel
– Temperature monitoring and adjustment via pyrometers (working range 600-1800°C) with display on the operator’s panel.
Solidification area
Area that allows the management of the withdrawal of the ingot cast, self-regulating system in relation to the parameters:
• ambient temperature
• cooling water flow
• cooling water temperature
The system ensures the highest quality finished surface of the ingot.
Cooling area
– Protected, closed cooling chamber.
– Chamber length designed for a perfect control of the cooling curve (the ingot molds with the ingots shall come out at a temperature of ~30-40°C)
Unloading area
-Tape expunction from the cooling chamber
-Sliding top for storing the ingots melted.
Ingot sizes :
▪ Ingot – 100 Oz Ag
▪ Ingot – 1000 g Au, Ag
▪ Ingot – 500 g Au, Ag
▪ Ingot – 250 g Au, Ag
▪ Ingot – 100 g Au, Ag
▪ Ingot – 50 g Au, Ag
▪ Ingot – 1 Oz Au, Ag
▪ Ingot – 10 tolas Au

TUN-S 15 kW 10-12 5-6
TUN-M 25 kW 20-22 10-12
TUN-L 60 kW 40-50 25-30
TUN-XL 100 kW 70-80 40-50
TUN-XXL 150 kW 100-110 60-70
TUN-MAXI 200 kW 120-130 70-80