Spectrometer XRF

Spectro Midex

The X-ray fluorescence spectrometer has developed into an all-round talent for the fast, non-destructive analysis of small spots and the rapid mapping of large surfaces (up to double EC format, 233×160 mm, 9.2×6.3’’).

The Spectrometer XRF utilizes an air-cooled low power X-ray tube with micro focus for collimated point sample excitation. With the incorporation of software controlled collimators, the size of the measuring spot can be selected in several fixed steps between 200 μm and 4 mm; enabling it to be optimized for a whole range of applications.
The Spectrometer XRF is equipped with a spaciously dimensioned sample chamber. Even when closed, it is possible to look into the chamber through the viewing window that can also be shuttered. The sample chamber has a large opening, making it very accessible so that samples can be easily placed into and removed from the chamber. An integrated video system permits exact measurment positioning. The long travel path of the motor driven XYZ table enables line scans and mappings of large sample surfaces.

Technical Specifications:
• X-ray tube with Mo anode, max. power 30 W, max. voltage 48 kV
• Video system with sample display at various zoom levels
• Manually adjustable sample table
• Motor driven XYZ precision table with a maximum travel path of 235x178x160 mm/9.3×7.0x5.3“ (WxDxH) maximum sample weight of 3 kg/6.6 lbs
• External computer system; Windows operating system
• Keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer
• Menu-based software for control of spectrometer functions and evaluation of data
• Energy resolution: FWHM <160 eV, measured at the Mn Kα line with an input count rate of 10,000 cps • Microprocessor control for detector and read-out electronics • Pulse rate up to 250,000 cps- Energy resolution: FWHM <160 eV, measured at the Mn Kα line with an input count rate of 10,000 cps • Nominal input voltage: 95-120V/200-240V, 50/60 Hz • Power consumption spectrometer: 200 W • Dimensions WxDxH: 580x670x740 mm/22.8x26.4x29.1“ • Footprint WxD: 500x550 mm/19.7x21.6“ • Weight 55-70 kg/121.3-154.3 lbs depending on configuration For more information, please contact our Sales Office to the number + 39 0575 449235 or send an email request to info@italimpianti.it