Separation Hood

Separation Hood CS/DSeparation Hood CS/D - 1st particularSeparation Hood CS/D - 2nd detailSeparation Hood CS/BSeparation Hood CS/B - 1st particularSeparation Hood CS/B - 2nd detail

The hood, through the use of acids, is used to separate the precious metals contained in a sample of alloy in order to make a prior analysis of the material and decide the most suitable working process.
This is composed of:

  • Polypropylene hood with stainless steel supporting frame
  • Two multiple assaying plants, one for HNO3 at 22 Bé and the other at 32 Bé, able to contain, in a quartz container, n°24 assays at a time.
    The plants are made entirely in pirex glass and fitted with a vapour condenser, heaters and 1200 W power changer.
  • One 1700 W electric pit oven with changeable power, having six places for beakers. The voltage for heating acids in beakers is variable

The hood is also fitted with internal aspirators and lighting.

Power supply Three-phase Three-phase Three-phase
Max. Power 4 kW 2 kW 5 kW
Number of furnace with n.6 matrasses n.2 n.1 n.1
Quartz container with 24 assays n.2
Overall Dimensions (mm) 550x1500x1950 680x650x1820 1850x650x2000
Weight 90 kg 68 kg 130 kg