Pyrolysis Furnace

Pyrolysis Furnace FI/200Pyrolysis Furnace 2 FI/200Pyrolysis Furnace 3 FI/200
Plant OperationCompact Incineration Units FI-C
This plant has been conceived with a technology essentially based on the process of a controlled pyrolysis of the organic components with a subsequent thermal destruction of the latter into gas and contemporary calcination of the inorganic waste.

This plant is in conformity with environmental regulations pollution, completing respecting emission allowances.

This system has the following main characteristics:

  • Residual ashes are absolutely inactive because the calcination of the material eliminates all organic parts; this assures a nearly complete recovery of the metal.

Note: The elimination of organic parts involves the absence of carbonaceous residues; such residues can be the cause of loss of precious material during the following melting phase.

It directly guarantees the passage of the fumes “in flame” and therefore at a constant temperature of over 1300 °C (flame temperature).

Note: An important parameter kept in great consideration by designers of after burners is the contact percentage air to be purified-flame combustion that has to be the highest possible; assuring a permanence of the fumes at a determined temperature is not in fact enough to guarantee the correct destruction of the polluting substances; with this system thanks to the particular geometry of the chamber and the primary burner, this percentage of contact is elevated infact the polluting gases are not simply made to pass in the flame but they directly go to feed it.

Stainless steel reactor capacity 50 litres 170 litres
Weight of each Incinerator About 600 kg About 1600 kg
Hourly Treatment Capacity 3 – 4 kg/h 5 – 20 kg/h
Electrical Power Supply 3 kW 7,5 kW
Nominal Power 10 kW 40 kW
Maximum Power 30 kW 60 kW
Working Temperature 850 °C 850 °C
Maximum Temperature 1200 °C 1200 °C
Gas Supply standard pressure 22,5 – 35 mbar 22,5 – 35 mbar
Overall dimensions 1600x1600x2900 mm
(Width x Depth x Height)
2000x2500x2900 mm
(Width x Depth x Height)
Necessary room’s surface About 20 square meters with 3 meters height About 20 square meters
FI/08C FI/04C
Power Supply Threephase Threephase
After-burner chamber capacity 0.8 m3 0.4 m3
Hourly production 15 kg/h 10 kg/h
After-burner consumption per hour 22 m3/h 22 m3/h
Loading door dimensions 450×670 mm 450×670 mm
Dimensions 1300x3450x3000 mm 1300x2100x3000 mm
Weight 5000 kg 4000 kg