Sack for Brushes

Manica D130x900 150

Filter sack used in the Brush Polisher – Diameter: 130 mm – Length: 900 mm For more information, please contact … More »

Balls of Various Sizes

Sfere 150

Spherical inserts made by AISI 420 stainless steel, particularly suitable for the polishing of all metals and alloys in vibratory … More »

Soap to Ultrasonic Systems

Sapone Ultrasuoni 150

Concentrated degreaser specifically designed for the use in ultrasonic cleaning systems. It is used for artifacts cleaning of precious metal … More »

Powder for Cleaning Balls

Polvere Pulitura Sfere 150

BR10 acid powder used for surface cleaning of the balls. These balls are used for polishing metals in vibratory finishing … More »

“Orolux” Soap for Refining Tumbler

Sapone Orolux 150

Orolux is the detergent specifically designed for use in the precious metals processing; its use is particularly suitable for the … More »