Cast Iron Conical Flask

Siviere 150

Cast iron ladles used for pouring the molten metal coming from the Gas Melting Furnaces. The liquid metal containing precious … More »

Ashes Fluxes Kit


The product is sold in packs of 10 and 25 kg. For more information, please contact our Sales Office to … More »

Net for Ball Mill System

Rete 150

It is Made by wires weaving. Used in Ball Mill for the recovery of precious metal particles contained in the … More »

Powerful Handle Magnet

Calamita con manico 150

Magnet with crank for detachment. It is used to recover ferrous metals contained in the ash coming from the incineration … More »

Cast Iron Balls

Sfere Ghisa 150

They are used in ball mills for grinding incinerated material as well as crucibles, borax and precious metals residues. For … More »