Soap to Ultrasonic Systems

Concentrated degreaser specifically designed for the use in ultrasonic cleaning systems.
It is used for artifacts cleaning of precious metal alloys, gold, silver, copper alloys and steel. It guarantees a perfect cleaning and a special brilliance. It is used with a minimum concentration of 0.5%
Cleaned surfaces can be subsequently treated in galvanic processes.

Mode of Use
It is recommended for use in Ultrasonic cleaner.
Concentration for use: 0.5-3% in ultrasonic, 1-5% in other cases. Temperatura di utilizzo: 50-75 °C. Operating temperature: 50-75 ° C. Since the product is resistant foam, not recommended for use in spray system.
For use on aluminum alloys is recommended a preliminary test to check for any superficial damage.

Physical and Chemical Properties:
• Appearance at 20 °C: Clear Liquid
• Color: Yellow
• pH: 10,7 – 11,1
• Flash point: Not Flammable
• Specific weight: 1.050 to 1.060 Kg/dm3
• Solubility: water soluble

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The product is sold in containers of 30 Kg

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