RHODIUM-LUX 2g/100ml
Pen solution

RHODIUM-LUX is an innovative concentrated solution for rhodium plating by Italimpianti Orafi, born from over ten years of experience in the construction of equipment for the production of rhodium sulphate, silver nitrate salts, potassium cyanide and galvanic plants.
It is available in different colours and concentrations.

The price is linked to the price of the precious metal and can therefore undergo frequent changes.
For this reason, the sale can only be concluded through instant payment methods (PayPal, Credit Card, Instant Bank Transfer).

This product is sold in packs of 100ml each containing 2g of Rhodium.
Complete with all the brightening additives.

For the purchase of quantities greater than 5 units, it is advisable to contact the Sales Office at the address laboratory@italimpianti.it, we will immediately provide you with an ad-hoc quotation and relative shipping costs.

SALE HOURS: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (Italian time)

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