Nitrogen Generator

In the processing of the flame, the hydrogen produced by the generators replaces acetylene, propane gas, hydrogen and oxygen tanks.
Thanks to high quality and purity of the gases produced by the generators, the end user can avoid the use of gas cylinders.

The generators are used in these applications:

  • Brazing
  • Metal Cut
  • Jewellery and Silverware
  • Optical instruments
  • Glass Processing
  • Food Industry
  • Electronics

When the system is “ON” it produces a continuous nitrogen flow with the requested purity checked time by time by a specific analizer with an alarm setting threshold. Nitrogen production by air separating is a very simple and self-regenerating process that use the CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) specifics that gets the oxygen molculas in the air and let the nitrogen one pass through.

Nitrogen Generator is realized with 2 tanks minimum (A and B), filled with molecular sieves CMS, that work in alternate way. While tank “A” produce Nitrogen, at the same time the molecular sieves in the tank “B” is regenerated and depressurized up to enviroment pressure. This cycle work up to 60 seconds (1 min.) than it works in the inverted way: tank “B” produce nitrogen while tank “A” regenerating the nitrogen: this kind of working is called PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption). These specifics with the controlling instruments allow to have an answer to all the requests and we’ll obtain an extreme safety due the absence of high pressure tanks