Melting Furnace For Ashes Assay Type FFC

Melting Furnace For Ashes Assay FFC/AMelting Furnace For Ashes Assay FFC/I

Melting Furnace For Ashes Assay FFC/IMelting Furnace For Ashes Assay FFC/I Touch Screen

The furnace is used to melt the precious ash samples in order to obtain a button containing the precious metals present in the ashes.

The silicon carbide resistances give out a maximum power of 2 kW on each of the 3 resistance groups.

The power on each phase is electronically controlled which avoids manual regulation and increases the life of the resistances.

The FFC/I machine uses a medium frequency induction converter to heat the crucibles. It is fitted with a radial fume suction collector equipped with a regulation lock.

Renewed in design and performance, these units can their operating temperatures very rapidly, with consequent energy savings and optimization of work cycles

The system is supplied with a software control process:

• Change the set point temperature
• Adjust time up and down the temperature
• Adjustable hold time

Power supply Three-phase Three-phase
Max. Power 7.5 kVA 12 kVA
Max. working
1300 °C 1350 °C
Max. working
at rest
500 °C 500 °C
Number of Crucible
n.6 da Ø75 e H=125 mm n.6 da Ø78 e H=130 mm
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1600x700x900 1097x588x1016
Weight 415 Kg 305 Kg