Laboratory Hood type C-LAB/B1

Laboratory HoodLaboratory HoodLaboratory Hood

It is entirely made out of self-extinguishing polypropylene (PPS) , with a transparent PVC protective door and complete with:

– Wash-basin with collection tank and storage container to drain to fluids and acids
– Electrical Heating Plate with adjustable power
– N° 1 filtration flask and vacuum system with dedicated valve
– N° 1 tap for demineralized water
– Accessories (Graduated Carafe, Buchner Funnel, Beaker, Filter Paper,
Acid-proof Gloves …)

This laboratory hoods can handle fumes, gases, smoke and dust of toxic from corrosive acids, in processes such the mixing, transfer and packaging of chemical substances.
Recommended for use in laboratories and chemical industries.

it is also used for the treatment of small quantities of precious metals, such as scraps and
processing residues coming from refining processes and incineration.

This hood can be equipped with a fume scrubber type TLF500