Continuous Casting Furnaces type FIM/CC

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The furnace for continuous casting of metals and alloys of precious metals is designed to provide the user strips of product with a definite shape (square, rectangle, round, tube, strips, other …) to be sent to subsequent machining drawing, rolling or other.
The continuous casting furnace is mainly composed of two overlapping zones, a zone of melting metals and an area of controlled solidification of the same in a definite form.

The melting of the metal is done in a graphite crucible by electromagnetic induction . The variable magnetic field , generated by the frequency converter installed on the machine, determines the formation of eddy currents in the graphite crucible and the metal itself . The resulting Joule heat causes a temperature rising up to exceed the melting point of the metal or metal alloy .

At the bottom of the crucible is coupled a die of the same material (graphite) that has a cavity with the desired shape ( square, rectangle , round, pipe, strips, other …). From this chain will be released on metal in the form chosen .
The graphite die, removable and interchangeable , is the real bottom of the crucible and once melted, the molten metal begins to penetrate into the die assuming the shape of the cavity.
Advancement of the metallic strip is provided by a towing system based on knurled rollers motorized.

• All functions are controlled by microprocessor
• Digital control of power, casting speed, crucible and die temperature
• Medium frequency converter guarantees high efficiency
• Self-diagnosis with alarm and warning messages
• Temperature control of the crucible and die via independent thermocouples
• Metal oxidation avoidance system


Useful capacity
of the Au/Ag crucible
Kg 4 Au 750
Kg 2.1 Ag 925
Kg 9 Au 750
Kg 5 Ag 925
Crucible 1
Kg 20 Au 750
Kg 13 Ag 925
Crucible 2
Kg 36 Au 750
Kg 20 Ag 925
Max plate
50×5 mm 60×7 mm 100×15 mm
Tube dimensions From Ø10 to Ø28 mm From Ø10 to Ø35 mm From Ø14 to Ø40 mm
Wires dimensions 1-2 wires
from Ø5 to Ø12 mm
1-2 wires
from Ø5 to Ø12 mm
1-2-3-4-5-6 wires
from Ø6 to Ø15 mm
Absorbed power 8 KVA 12 KVA 25 KVA
Power supply Three-phase :
50 / 60 Hz
Three-phase :
50 / 60 Hz
Three-phase :
50 / 60 Hz
Overall Dimensions 800x980x1610 mm 800x980x1610 mm 1000x1300x2100 mm
Weight 380 kg 400 kg 890 kg