Continuous Wire and Stripes Annealing Furnace – Type FRC/F

Continuous Wire Annealing Furnace
Continuous Wire Annealing Furnace 2Continuous Wire Annealing Furnace 3
Continuous Wire Annealing Furnace 4The unit has a double annealing chamber and is able to thermally treat both wires and strips. The onboard PLC/touch screen enables the worker to actively select and modify all the various parameters (temperature, annealing speed, spooling tension amongst others). With the use of brushless motors and an optimized winding process, this unit can be considered state-of-the-art of thermal treatment process.

Double Chamber annealing Furnace for Wire and Strip production
(One spool for wire and one for strip)
Chamber Diam. 30 mm
Working Tracks Two
Total length of heated zone 1700 mm
Max speed 60 – 80 mt/min
Muffle in refractory steel
Power Heating 10 + 10 kW
Max. Temperature 950°C
Power Supply 400 V 50 Hz Three-phase
Overall dimensions 530 x 80 x 160 cm. H.
Weight (approx.) 1250 Kg
Upon customer request we can supply also ammonia cracker