Top Blown Rotary Furnace

TBRF The TBRF is a pyro-metallurgical furnace which has many applications. This technology was initially adopted by the Copper and Nickel industry, and is now a mainstream technology for the recovery, upgrade and refinement of Precious Metals and is used widely for:

Milling Operations

Molino a SfereThe milling operations are a step in the recycle process, subsequent to the incineration process, in which the resulting materials are crushed to a fine powder.


Affinazione Buratto E-Waste The subsequent step of e-waste recycling is refining. Refining of resources in e-waste is possible and technical solutions exist to ...


fgr-grande The smelting process is used to separate precious metals (PM) and base metals (BM) from inert material residues from the incineration process.


Impianti di Incenerimento E-WasteIncineration is the process of destroying waste through burning. Because of the variety of substances found in e-waste, incineration can be associated with a major risk of generating and dispersing contaminants ...

Mechanical Processing

Mechanical Processing 01 Mechanical processing is the first step in e-waste treatment, normally an industrial large scale operation to obtain concentrates of recyclable materials in a dedicated fraction and also to further separate hazardous materials.