Idroestrattore Centrifugo 150These units are used to rinse and dry chains, metal findings, silver slime and/or silver crystals and are built out of polished stainless steel with a statically and dynamically balanced extractable basket.

Top Blown Rotary Furnace

TBRF The TBRF is a pyro-metallurgical furnace which has many applications. This technology was initially adopted by the Copper and Nickel industry, and is now a mainstream technology for the recovery, upgrade and refinement of Precious Metals and is used widely for:

Grain Production Systems with a Protective Atmosphere

Impianto Produzione Graniglia Atmosfera Protetta Fim 20Rpg 150 These units are ideal for producing “HIGH QUALITY” precious and non precious metal alloys, including Master Alloys free of precious metals; the latter are often used to produced alloys containing a variable percentage of precious metals (White gold, Yellow Gold, Red Good, Palladium alloys etc.)

Gas Atomizers for Metal Powder Production

Atomizzatore Gas 2 - 1000 Italimpianti produces a wide range of gas atomizers specifically designed for manufacturing inert and reactive metal powders from laboratory/R&D scale to massive industrial production. The close-coupled technology makes possible to produce powders for different applications as HIP to additive layer manufacturing and metal injection moulding.

Water Atomizers for Metal Powder Production

Unità di Fusione - Atomizzatore Leghe Metalliche Used for the production of precious and non-precious metal alloy powders/grains, with sizes regulable from tens of microns up to a few millimeters. The melting process can be carried out in air or a controlled atmosphere, as well as under vacuum or normal atmospheric pressure, thus allowing atomization of a wide range of metals including low temperature

Grain Production Tanks type Rpg

Recipiente-Rpg-Dcop The container is used both for the production: • Fine gold and silver spherical grains • Gold and silver spherical grains • Grains with high surface area for refining purposes These units are made entirely out of stainless steel and are cylindrical in shape with truncated cone bottoms.

Ingot Trolley CPL

Carrello Porta Lingottiere CPL Au 150 The trolleys ingot molds can be constructed with different materials, by means of welded profiles, and mounted on four or six wheels that run on rails. The tightening of the ingot can be either mechanical or hydraulic. In the first case the molds are clamped by means of mechanical locking screw, in the second case the hydraulic system includes two opposed hydraulic jacks.

Lifting Trolley For Ingot Solidification

Carrello 150 Lifting trolley with support plane made by steel or cast iron, used for ingots casting and solidification. The lifting mechanism can be both automatic and manual. All trolleys are equipped with gas burners to control the metal solidification by means of air and propane gas flames.

Grain Production Systems FIM/RPG

Fim Rpg 150The plant is ideal for producing precious and non precious metal alloys and consists of : Medium frequency converter Melting furnace with hydraulic or mechanical tilting Grain tank Frame complete with service stairs and walkway Tracks for the movement of the grain tank

Water Chillers Model TAE-EVO

Frigoriferi Tae-Evo These chilling units are ideal for all cases where it is important to keep the temperature of the cooling water within certain limits. Suggested uses are with: ...

Molds for Ingot Hallmarking

Stampi Lingottiere 150Molds for marking of bullion. Customizable with: • Company Name • Company logo • Ingot fineness • Ingot weight For more information, please contact our Sales Office to the number + 39 0575 449235 or ...

Casting Table TAV/L

Tavolo 150 This unit allows the casting and solidification of ingots from 1 to 5 Kg and is composed of three units: Unit for the Preheating of the ingot molds, equipped with a device to control the solidification of the metal by means of air/LPG flame switched by photoelectric cells. Unit for Ingots Solidification constituted by a Copper Table, water cooled, used during the casting of molten metal.