Centrifugal Hydro-extractor

Idroestrattore Centrifugo 150These units are used to rinse and dry chains, metal findings, silver slime and/or silver crystals and are built out of polished stainless steel with a statically and dynamically balanced extractable basket.

Ice Diamond Lathe

Tornio-Diamantatura-Ghiaccio -600 SPECIAL PRICE: 46,500 € This lathe is a machine specifically designed for turning chains. It has a chip saving basin made directly on the bed and its carriage slides are misaligned and independent of the head-tailstock line. These properties make T.O. lathe be the ideal machine for chain turning workings.

Pickling Equipment type IDF

Impianto Decapaggio 150The equipment pickles and removes investment from the surface of casted pieces. The equipment consists of an iron framework painted with acid-proof resin, a drip tray fitted with suction-fan collector which support the ...

Electrolytic Cleaning Plants IGP/B

Impianto Galvanico Pulitura Elettrolitica 150 The electrolytic cleaning plant has reading desk instruments and is built out of self-extinguishing polypropylene. The electrolytic cleaning and degreasing solutions are heated by 1000 W resistances. The temperature of the ...

Brush Polisher and Safety Filter PS2/B

Pulitrice a Spazzola 150The main advantages of brush polishers are: Near complete powder recovery thanks to the notable surface area of the high-efficiency electrostatic filters (7 m2 every two places); 1.5 kW motor 2800 ...