Top Blown Rotary Furnace

TBRF The TBRF is a pyro-metallurgical furnace which has many applications. This technology was initially adopted by the Copper and Nickel industry, and is now a mainstream technology for the recovery, upgrade and refinement of Precious Metals and is used widely for:

Powder Mixer

Mescolatore-per-polveri_250This machine is used to homogenise precious powders. The fixed cradle is calendered and has a discharge valve on the bottom. The mixer is equipped with a helical mixing device. The tilting cover ...

Ball Mill

Molino-a-sfere_250 The mill is used to crush crucibles, boraxes and residues containing precious metals into powder in order to homogenise it and determine the precious metal content. The mill is built entirely out of ...

Pyrolysis Furnace

FI200HD1 This plant has been conceived with a technology essentially based on the process of a controlled pyrolysis of the organic components with a subsequent thermal destruction of the latter into gas and contemporary calcination of the inorganic waste.

Incineration Plants

Impianti di Incenerimento 150These plants are used to burn goldsmith scraps, photographic material and circuit boards. The plant is controlled by a centralised and computerised control panel with synoptic functions on a touch-screen display where all ...