Casting Table TAV/L

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This unit allows the casting and solidification of ingots from 1 to 5 Kg and is composed of three units:

  1. Unit for the Preheating of the ingot molds, equipped with a device to control the solidification of the metal by means of air/LPG flame switched by photoelectric cells.
  2. Unit for Ingots Solidification constituted by a Copper Table, water cooled, used during the casting of molten metal.
  3. Unit for Ingots cooling constituted by a Copper Plate, water-cooled, used also for the extraction of ingots from molds

The above system can be customized upon request of the customer, the photos submitted are just one example of the many possible system solutions.

Based on the needs of the customer is possible to create customized systems, with suitable characteristics for the process requirements.